Friday, October 19, 2007

Surprising Bento Find. The kitty Arrives.

Hello Kitty Kawai!!!

So last night I was hitting up the dollar store to grab some things. I'm walking down the tupper ware aisle and see these two cute hello kitty tupper wares. I thought aah cute. Then I remembered someone posting on their blog about Dollar Tree having some hello kitty bento's. In my head I thought "no way these totally can't be those, I'm never that lucky" Low and behold my friends a little deeper investigation revealed yes indeed they were bentos.
They had green or blue and of course I grabbed one of each color (lol they were only a buck so I could splurge a little). They had another kind that looked more like a two tier one, but the second tier didn't stay atop the first instead nested inside which didn't make much sense to me so I decided to leave that one there.

These will make great lunch bentos I think since they are wide enough to fit more things even if they are only one tier. I always love the movable dividers too. Hello kitty is so cute, and this time also affordable. I also grabbed some new bake pans there, and some paprika to make deviled eggs with. Woohoo I'm definately going to be having fun in my kitchen tomorrow. The attempt tomorrow will be to make chocolate bread pudding. Wish me luck folks!!


ally said...

Very cute! and something useful! My girls would love them!... I do too! :-)

Angel said...

Thanks Ally.
Yes they are really adorable and would be the perfect size for little girls too since they are small but not minuscule. I can't wait to make a bento in them.