Monday, October 8, 2007

Onigiri Virgin No Longer

Today I was feeling pretty depressed after having a very bad weekend. Not knowing what to cook I put some rice in my rice cooker, and just left it there while I rested and recouped. Once it was done I decided it was the perfect time to put my new Onigiri mold and Furikake seasoning to the test.

So here before you my very first attempt at making Onigiri's. I think they turned out very cute. For the size of my rice maker I was able to make ten onigiris plus one small rice ball. The filling is tuna mixed with shredded cheese, mayo, black pepper, and some ketchup and mustard to taste. On half the batch I used the Furikake seasoning which I thought smelled kind of gross, and the second I mixed in a smidge of garlic salt, dill, parsley, and black pepper with the rice.
Over all I consider this a success. They turned out so cute and yummy. The filling is particularly delicious (goes great on tuna melt sandwiches too) I'm going to try freezing half the batch and then have a few for lunch tomorrow and dinner tonight.


Timelord Stuart said...

So when do I get to come over for dinner?

Angel said...

Well when you come to Utah of course silly.