Wednesday, October 3, 2007

The hunt continues

Ok so it's been a bit frustrating trying to find a place that sells bento boxes here in Utah.
I've been to four Asian markets and the only Japanese market all the way in Salt Lake. Five stores total and nothing. So I've resorted to using the internet which is both great for better quality and cuteness, but also frustrating because I have to wait for it to be shipped here (and I want to start making cute bento's now). On top of that I can't find my camera anywhere even after scouring the house yesterday. The good news is I have bid on a cute Nightmare before Christmas bento set, and bought a cute onigiri mold. Not much but at least it's a start. I wish my friends birthday Bento box would come in so I could at least make his bento lunch.
To help my avid cooking fever I think I'm going to make some sugar cookies using my cute new Halloween cookie cutters and dinner for my friends since we have anime nights on Wednesday's and all get together for fun. Nothing like feeding a house full of bachelors lol.

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Expendable said...

Try J-List at and The Bento Store at for supplies.