Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bento Arrival

Men's Bento Box from Japan.

So today it finally arrived, Hurray!
The black mens bento box I had ordered online as a gift for a friend's birthday. It is super cute and seems pretty sturdy. I'm surprised at how small it is though especially since this is the larger mens size box. The women there must eat like rabbits. Well when mine arrives it will just have to be viewed as an opportunity to shrink my portions and maybe shed some inches on the waist lol. I will edit this post later tonight with more pictures of the bento with it open and showing the cute chopsticks spot in the lid. They also had this same one in blue (grrr his favorite color is blue but they added it after I'd already ordered black) and one in red. The shipping took about a week and a half to two weeks which isn't bad considering it came from Japan, and the packaging was excellent. (not a single scratch on the item) I ordered it on Ebay and recommend this seller although it did seem a bit pricey to me.

You can see their Ebay store here
They have lots of cute bento's and accessories. Too bad I'm not richer lol.

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Lambert Cale said...

I always wonder why traditional bento box always comes in black color, probably to emphasize the food colours on it. I read some of your blog post, perhaps you might also consider the traditional bento box. I got mine from they're very good in quality, and on ebay stores as well.