Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nightmare Bento Box!!! The new arrival.

This post is actually a little late since I haven't had time to do it. Last friday my Nightmare before Christmas bento came in the mail. I was so excited about it and its such a cute set. Tonight I'm going to make a dinner bento using it since I'm headed to a friends to watch anime, and I can just bring this along to munch on. The set came with a two tier bento, a strap to hold it together a cute little bag everything fits in and a case with fork and spoon and another pair of chopsticks. The bento comes with chopsticks too so I got two sets of chopsticks total. Its super cute and even drew the notice and interest of a co-worker. Now I have three bentos which means when my mom and sister come for Thanksgiving I will have enough to make all three of us a bento lunch to celebrate!


ally said...

I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE this box Jack the Pumpkin King is my FAV!!!!!!!


At this point in time my daughter's body can not handle milk.
Her immune system has an abnormal reaction to milk proteins.
North America has the highest number of food allergies... I think that said something about the way we eat or the way your food is made.

Angel said...

Thankyou Ally. Yeah It came down to choosing between this one and a cute lilo and stitch one. Jack obviously won out.

I'm sorry about that scare with your daughter you had recently. I must be hard trying to watch out for something as common as milk. Does she wear a wrist tag or something like that to show her allergy. Also at this website
she has a post with these neat labels for kids with allergies you can get.

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

Hi Angel, love this bento box and the Hello Kitty ones. Very lucky to stumble across them like that.

ally said...

Yes she has a Medical Alert and she wears a E-Belt (with is a belt to hold a Epipen). Scary is right!

ally said...

Lilo and Stitch would be good too! But JACK... yep he is totally COOL!

Glenna said...

LOVE the Nightmare Bento--that really rocks!

whiskyrs said...
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