Monday, October 29, 2007

Eggs, hash and bento's Oh My!

So here is my Bento lunch for tomorrow and I made one for Wednesday as well. Tomorrow's is in my nightmare box. Wednesday in the green hello kitty one.

The bottom tier on the nightmare box has cinnamon graham crackers (I adore these dipped in milk). With a little cup of pineapple to give me some fruity vitamins wohoo.

On the top tier to the left I have a rolled omelet made from egg whites, and has rosemary and parsley cooked into it. I sliced it into nice little strips to make easier to get with chopsticks.
On the right is corn beef hash that was cooked with some frozen peas. I put it on a tortilla and also puts some strips of tortilla on top. I would have done toast (more of a breakfast theme) but didn't have any bread.

For Wednesdays lunch I have some more of the corn beef hash and peas, as well as some tasty large curd cottage cheese and pineapple with a sprinkling of raisins. That looks so tasty to me I almost ate it right then.


ally said...

I think I need to get bento boxes for my kids!

Angel said...

They are a fun way to get meals. You should check out Lunch in a Box.
She does some really neat bentos for her little boy.

whiskyrs said...

Graham crackers and milk is SO YUMMY! Nice choices! M