Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday is for Baking. Bread Pudding and more.

So today being Sunday a nice lazy day I decided I needed to do the baking project I keep telling everyone I would do. So today I made chocolate bread pudding. My friend Elwin came over and I showed him how to make these breakfast cup cakes that are tasty and simple and followed that up with making the bread pudding.
I also made some deviled eggs since another friend said he really likes them. All and all a busy day.

Here is the bread pudding that I just dumped out of its pan and into another that will make it easier to cut. Hmm I actually chopped up roughly some white chocolate chips to melt in it too.

Tasted so nice served warm with a dollop of frozen whipped cream on top.

I love these dishes too they were inherited from my Grandmother.

Last but not least the deviled eggs. I have never made deviled eggs before, and just followed a recipe I found online. Over all they look a little skelumpy but taste pretty good. If I make them again I'm going to use a little less mustard. I garnished them with sprinkles of paprika and parsley for color. Unfortunately the picture isn't a very good one to show off the pretty colors. Over all consider todays baking and cooking adventures a total success.


ally said...

Bread pudding is so good. I have never made it but maybe I will give it a go too! Looks yummy!

Angel said...

Thanks. Yes this was my first time trying to make bread pudding too.

I think it had a very comforting feel like porridge or rice pudding have.

whiskyrs said...
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