Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bento Numero Uno-The happy present bento

My very first Bento. TADA!!!

It is made up of bottom Dinner Layer. Which is homemade Gyoza (tried out my food processor for the first time) and Sausages that I hand cut into little octopus's due to not having a cute wiener cutter.

The top layer is the dessert layer. It has strawberry poky, fortune cookies, little strawberry filled koala crackers, and a homemade cookie pie (which I baked in a soy sauce dish that came wiht my sushi set at a lower temp in the oven 250 ish) I got the idea from reading another girls blog that made mini muffins using paper condiment cups and they looked really cute.
So tonight was tons of fun making it and I was very pleased with the results. Not only that but when I brought it over to my friend he was very happy to receive it. He inhaled the food and thought it was really tasty. It will work perfect since it latches instead of closes with a band so it won't open in his backpack when he takes it to school with him.
The filling on the Gyoza is made of sausage ground up with fresh vegetables, and mozzarella cheese and some herbs. Put them through the food processor. Used regular wonton wraps which I got at the asian market for like 99 cents.
For the cookie pie I covered the bottom of the little dishes with plain oatmeal and then rolled the sugar cookie dough into a little ball and flattened on top of the oatmeal filling the dish like a little pie crust. In the center i made a small indentation with my finger and put some chocolate chips in it to melt in the middle. When they came out of the oven they popped right out of the ceramic dishes and had a yummy sweet oatey bottom to them ( i really enjoyed the oat texture added to it) and soft chocolaty middles. Then I topped it with a dollop of whipped topping in the center.
They were absolutely delicious and super easy too.


Expendable said...
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Expendable said...

I so want a bento box. I love what you put in this one, especially the strawberry pocky! =^_^= Mmm. Good job!

Angel said...

Thank you expendable.
I love strawberry pocky too. Suck a treat.