Monday, December 10, 2007

The Great Glop Bentos

Made myself some tasty Glop for dinner

Had enough left over that I made two lunch bentos with it. The glop is hamburger, cut up carrot, purple onion, and frozen peas stir fried with rosemary, lots of basil, a pinch of parsley, lots of pepper, and some paprika. Then I added a can of sloppy joe sauce, and let it cook on medium covered until boiling. I stirred pretty often so it would stick to the bottom of the pan. I served it over a bed of twisty noodles, topped with some cheese and pinch of parsley.

The bentos are made of the Glop dinner, with a glop of cottage cheese, and another glop of cherry stuff. Also included is a tasty almond rocca. (totally addictive)
The glop inspite of its gloppiness is very tasty. I like the texture the cut up carrots added.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Work Treats

So for my work apparently there is a tradition that in December they have someone bring in a different treat every day leading up to when we have Christmas break. Today was my day to bring something in so I baked up some cupcakes. They are easy to eat, easy to clean up after and don't require any utensils.

The ones on the left were done in my new mini cupcake pan for bentos. They are so adorable and cute. My little sister would have adored them since she loves anything little or miniature.

The cupcakes are a spice cake recipe that has lots of cinnamon and nutmeg. The frostings were both prebought in cans. One vanilla white frosting with sprinkles, and the other is Butter Pecan Carmel Coconut frosting. I also put chocolate chips in the batter. So randomly you'd get a yummy bite of chocolate while eating them. They were a success I think. Out of the eighteen I made there were only two left when i left work today. Woot.
Ok left is my dinner bento for Anime Night tonight, and right is my lunch bento for today.

I made mini cupcakes in my tiny cupcake pan and they are the perfect size for the bentos, and a cute little bite sized morsel.
On the left is some stir fried vegis, and on the right angel shaped potatos and some carrots both baked.

Also have some dried apricots for fruit, and some cottage cheese with shredded cheese on top. I was in the mood for a more salty taste.
The angel's and bears looked really cute.

Lunch Savory Bento

A beautiful lunch bento that I had yesterday.

For our top layer we have pasta mixed with vegetables and butter, sweet pickles and the last handful of my purple grapes.

For our bottom tier we have left over baked chicken and potato wedges from Smith's and some cinnamon sugar graham crackers, and one carmel filled choclate for dessert.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pasta with Vegitables Bento

Decided to use the single tier bento for my lunch today.
Hello Kitty is waving to you in the back lol.

Bento lunch consists of twisty noodle pasta with vegetables. The sauce was a buttery type sauce.
Also has the second to last handful of my yummy plump purple grapes, and some cottage cheese with raisins.

It all looked so tasty and I was so starving by lunch I inhaled it.
See the destruction left behind.....fear me oh bentos.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lunch & Dinner roundup

Dinner bento and lunch bento

On the left we the delicious work lunch time bento. Left over corn on the cob, purple juicy grapes, sauteed porkchop, and cottage cheese with cherry pie filling on top of it.

On our right we have the delicious twin "anime night" dinner bento. With left over corn cut off the cob, edamame, porkchop, grapes, and cottage cheese with cherry pie filling in my new hippo container. (ooh its so adorable i love it) also have my cute knew silver ware with the reindeers on them. Kawai!!

Close up pictures because i get carried away with the camera and just adore snapping pictures of my food.

I really like the cottage cheese with cherry pie flavoring. The cherry pie stuff adds a sweet and tart flavor that compliments the cottage cheese really well.

It all fits so perfectly in my little bento bag. Even has room for the bottle of mixed milk and eggnog. I find it too strong for me without some milk added.