Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quick and Easy Meat Pie

My hubby is a mailman. Which means very long days out in the elements.
Last week when it was cold and raining I decided he needed to come home to some comfort food. Nothing better then coming home to the smell of baking in the air.
So I made this meat pie as a little bit of warm comfort for him. It's really very simple and fast to make. You can make it combining ingredients you can keep in stock in your pantry or freezer all the time.

Quick and Easy Meat Pie Recipe
pie dough enough for two crust pie
jar of Alfredo sauce
half a package of goat cheese
1/4 cup of milk
package of country sausage (or whatever meat you'd like)
bag of frozen veggies (pea and carrot type mixes give the best texture)
cheddar cheese cubed
some rosemary salt and pepper to lightly season the sauce

1. You can make your own pie crust but for simplicity sake I bought pre-made Pillsbury dough that comes in a pack with two already rolled out circles of dough. Put one on the bottom of your pie dish making sure it goes up to the edge of the dish on all sides. These are very convenient and only cost a few dollars. You can keep them in your freezer as well until you need them.

2. I mix the Alfredo sauce, milk and goat cheese in a glass container and put in the microwave for a minute or two to melt the cheese. Then stir all together and poor into the prepped pie dish and crust. Sprinkle rosemary salt and pepper over the sauce. Then liberally mix in the meat and vegetables. Then for an additional touch I scattered across the top some cubed tillamook sharp cheddar.

3. Then pull out the second circle of dough. I laid mine out and using a cute little cookie cutter cut two pieces out. These will be air vents for the pie. You can just as easily poke or do a few slashes across the top. I personally like the decorative element. You just take the two pieces you cut out and lay them on the top of the crust. (can you tell it was a carrot shape cutter I turned upside down.)
Then carefully drape this crust over your pie and firmly seal the edges using a fork or your fingers to form a little scallop edge.
4. Lightly brush the top of the prepped pie with some milk (or you can do an egg wash) and put in a 350 degree oven for 40 to 50 minutes. (Might be less if you have a hotter running oven)
If your edges start to burn before the pie is done simply put some foil around the edge of the pie.

TADA Meat Pie!!!
Hubby and his brother both had thirds they liked it so much. The goat cheese adds a wonderfully creamy flavor, the meat makes every man happy and the flaky crust ties it all together. This is the perfect winter or rainy day comfort dinner.