Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Egg Rolls

So a few weeks ago I decided to do some experimenting and made an "Asian" feast for me and my honey.

It started with some egg rolls filled with carrots, cabbage, chicken, mushrooms, and artichoke.
I found that even though they are daunting egg rolls are super easy to make and you can put any range of fillings in them. You can find the wrappers right around the fresh mushrooms or bags of salad at the grocery store.
I then used some sausage filling and leftover banana squash I had mashed up with lemon pepper and made croquettes. I was really nervous about these ones but the hubby loved them, and had wished I'd made more of them.

Then for the finale was some home made honey mustard sauce to dip into and onigiri's.
Now I've tried to make onigiri several times in the past and they always turned out tasteless and nothing compared to the one's I'd tried from the japanese market.
This time I finally found a great sushi rice recipe. Even though the hubby didn't care for them my sister and I loved them and ended up finishing off all the onigiri and rice the very next day.
I found my problem was I kept trying to use the onigiri sprinkle seasoning from the stores, and they just don't taste good to me. So instead went with a classic sushi rice flavor. It was just right.
You can find the sushi rice recipe Here
Definitely worth making again.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun with crafts

So around Christmas time I got into a craft mood, and haven't come out of it yet.
My mom showed me how to make cute bento bags using placemats bought at walmart and target. The first one I made for my husband as a gift. I hand embroidered his name into it and made a tassel for decoration.

I like the size of these bags they are a little bit bigger then normal bento bags so I can fit a drink and a cup of yogurt or pudding in beside or on top of the bento.

Then I made this for my best friend Kitten.
She is the mistress of all lol, so I made her an appropriate bento bag.

The designs on this one I put on using fabric puff paint in black. These are often very cheap and you can get them at walmart for around 65 cents.
I've been working on more recent craft projects but without my camera I'm going to have to take pictures using hubby's phone. Hopefully should have another update soon.

Old Bento

So this is a bento i did last month for my honey to take to work. He apparently had taken some picts with his phone so sorry for the poor quality.

The lower part of the bento is a potato casserole mix with some jalapeno poppers (they are from Costco and quite yummy) With a little babybel cheese.

Then to help balance out what i thought was a little too starchy i made him this cute salad.
The carrots i sliced and hand cut into little flowers. I also cut the cheese into cute shapes, and added some grape tomatos.

Because he has a bigger appetite then i do I put a bag of vegi chips in his bento bag alongside the rest of the food, and a bottle of some juice.
This was all packed into one of my brand new bento's that my sister got me for Christmas.
Isn't it cute! She also got me a red one.