Thursday, February 24, 2011

Muir Fresh Harvest Bundle

So I'm excited to share about the new thing I'm trying out. I found out about it from another Utah food blogger and it really seemed to fit just what i needed. Probably many of you out there who like me have been interested in trying farmer co-op but find the up front fees way to expensive. Plus I find it a downer that co-op only works for harvest season which means winter you get nothing.
This is different!
You get a bundle of mixed fresh produce every two weeks all year round. You order each individually so there is no up front fee, and it is very affordable at only 35 dollars plus tax. If you're interested check out there site Muir Fresh

Here is what i got in my first bundle.
Minneloa Tangerines (2 lb,)
Mangos (2)
Red Grapes
Fuji Apples (8)
Vegetable Express, SLC, UT- Root Vegetable Medley (2#)
Banana Fingerling Potatoes (2#)
Baby Spinach (10 oz)
Green Onions
Italian Fresh Parsley
Shallots (5)
Pumpkin Seeds
Purple Sticky Rice

A little close up of the pumpkin seeds and the exotic purple rice. The seeds we broke into the moment we got home and started snacking on them. I liked them even better then sunflower seeds. I don't think i'll get to cook with them cause hubby and my sister already eaten most of them just as they are.

I also made a fabulous gumbo/stew using the purple rice.
I put in my crock pot some cream of mushroom soup, chicken, and herbs. Then when i got home with the bundle i added about a cup and a half of the purple rice, some of the potatoes, onions, and shallots. The rice turned everything including the chicken super dark purple and thickened it a bunch. It made it look almost like a chili then a soup. The flavor was amazing. Everyone had seconds and thirds.

Tonight we had pasta where i added some of the the root medley. It also was a hit. I liked the texture of the parsnips and squash in the root medley. It was my first time trying parsnips before and I was surprised that i liked them so much.
Definitely a fantastic bundle. Now to figure out what to do with all the fruit.
I'm sure the apples will get sliced up with cheese.
It's a favorite snack that my mom got us hooked on.