Friday, September 28, 2007


So this is the Genesis of my attempt at a cute bento blog.

I've recently become enamored of many great ladies and gentlemen on the internet who have awesome culinary talents and a love for Bento's and being inspired by them decided that I could no longer sit from the side lines but needed to buy a bento box and begin the steps of making Bento's myself. I will strap on my camera and try mostly from their great examples to create cute culinary cuisine (hehe cute yummy food) to share with anyone interested.
So here we have it; the genesis of my bento blog, and hopefully at some point I will look back at this and say "this was good". Wish me luck fokes I think I'm going to need it.

Also check out Little Foodies which is my favorite Bento blog.
This woman is what I hope to some day become. She is very involved with her children and teaching them about different cultures and cuisines, and keeps them involved. Where someday I hope to be able to home school my children when they are younger I hope I'm half as great as she is with her family.