Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers

Okay so we are blessed to live a block from a little nursery owned by a cute old man and his wife that live across the street. He is a farmer and often will sell their fresh produce at the nursery for very cheap. Everything is garden grown and organic and absolutely amazing to taste. A while back they had these jalapeno's there and I had to buy some. I myself am not a huge fan of jalapenos except in one way (jalapeno poppers!) but my husband loves them. So I made them into stuffed jalapeno poppers, and now you can too! It's rather easy just a bit of prep involved.

you will need
Jalapenoes- I did 10 to try it out
cream cheese
rose mary
good dipping glass of milk
bowl with flour
bowl with crumbs of your choice

Aren't these just lovely. The red one turned out to be super spicy and I don't think it was actually an jalapeno, ooops.
Step 1: rinse the jalapenos thoroughly slice up the side and trying not to split it in half scoop out all the innards. I also rinsed the inside to make sure to get out all the seeds.

Step 2: put cream chease in a bowl and microwave for 1 minute to soften it. Mix your chopped up tomato (mine was an orange tomato from the nursery that i put in my kitchen aid and blitzed, I lOVE YOU KITCHEN AID) with some chopped up garlic and herbs. Mix well.
Step 3: Assemble your station, jalapenos, bowl of filling, cup with milk for dipping, bowl with flour, and a seperate bowl with the crumbs.
all nice and lined up
Here is everything laid out and ready for assembly.

Step 4: Take a pepper and scoop the filling into the cavity inside. I was pretty liberal with it because i really liked the filling.
Step 5: Dip the pepper holding it by the step into the glass of milk and then roll it in bowl of flour until it is completely coated.
Step 6: Then again holding it by the stem dip in the milk again and roll in the crumbs until it is liberally coated. Then lay them out in the pan and let them dry. If you like a thicker crust you can do step 5 and 6 2 or 3 times to build up a thicker layer of the coating.
Step 7: Heat up some oil in a pot for frying these babies. Do not set the oil too high. Above you can see my first burnt version. The oil was way too hot. Take them out of the oil put on a plate and serve with your fav meal or eat as a snack. They can also be frozen and heated in the oven or microwave later.
We served ours up with some quesadilla's and man were they tasty!

Put a nice grin on the mans face! As he enjoys home made Jalapeno Poppers!


Valerie said...

These look restaurant-worthy! Good job.

Angel said...

Thank you!

Tanya said...

Definitely a good grin!