Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Traditional home baked white bread loaves

Sometimes when you are short on money it's the little things you can do yourself that make a difference. To help with our grocery bills i started baking my own bread again. As you can see they turn out a beautiful golden color and I like to use large loaf pans so that the slices are good size for my hubbies sandwiches.
The recipe I use the most is rather basic. You can get it online at Better homes and gardens Here
I have one of there cookbooks and it has some great basic recipes in it.
I'm sure it can be adapted for a bread machine. I still hand knead my bread the way my grandma and mother showed me. Something very stress relieving about punching and roughing up some dough.

Although you may want to quadruple the recipe. I did a double batch and the loaves were gone within two days.

Soft and fluffy slices, doesn't' that just make you hungry?

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