Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Chicken Mulligatawny Steam Buns

Have you seen Anna the Reds Bento blog? She is absolutely amazing. I could stare at her creations all day long. One of the recipes of hers that I swear by is her steamed pork buns.
I've tried them before with beef and pork and both times were a slam dunk. This time I decided to take photo's to show you how they are made. You can get the recipe HERE.
I prefer the yeast version dough its more moist and fluffy and has a great texture.

For this set I decided to get creative and make a chicken filling based loosely on the flavors of chicken mulligatawny soup.
Filling ingredients are :
shredded chicken
2 small organic apples very finelly chopped
I put all these into my processor and zapped them so it has a very fine texture
I also did 1 portion of sauce to doubled dough and filling on the recipe.
The last time I made these I felt the sauce was a little to strong and overpowered the flavors of the filling. This portion was perfect for us and had the best flavor.

I made my filling while the dough was rising and then left both with covered talls until the dough was ready.

You cut your dough into portions I roll up a piece in my hand into a ball then lay it on the cutting board or counter and poud it with the lower palm of my hand until you have a flat circle.

Put about a table spoon of filling, or as much as you want in the center of your flattened circle.
You can be somewhat liberal with it because you do stretch the dough over it.

Then gently tug up the outer edge of the circle up and around the filling making a little pocket.

Once all the outer edge is up grab it and pinch the sides together. I do it from two direction so that you is extra secure. This will hold your filling inside.

You then using your hands round it into nice little bun ball shapes. I like to place mine with the pinched edge down. Don't they look fabulous! (don't mind the ugly seventies style plate)

Set up your double boiler for steaming and put a circle of wax or parchment paper on the bottom to help keep the buns from sticking to the pan. Place the buns in the pan close together, cover and steam.
Once they are done steaming take them out and they are ready to be served and devoured. They should have raised in size and become fluffy with a almost chewy like texture to them.

TASTY! Try your own and have fun with the filling. You could pretty much do this with any meat vegi filling you like. I've even done them with just chunks of cheese in the middle (my husband loved) and it tastes great with cheddar!


AnnaTheRed said...

Those steamed buns look absolutely delicious!!! Filled with yummy goodness! (Isn't it great that you can put almost anything in it?? :D) Great job!

Now I feel like making them this weekend... :P

Is it okay if I put this on "your food" section of my blog?

Angel said...

Yes you can definitely link to it! I'd be honored. I love your blog.
Yes I love experimenting with the fillings, its the best part of making the buns.

AnnaTheRed said...

I've just posted your steam bun on "your food" page on my blog!
My boyfriend and I ended up making tons of steam buns today. :P (After looking at your site, we just had to!)

Angel said...

That's awesome! I am excited to do the recipe again and come up with a different filling. There's so many things you can do with it!

Amiwookie!!! said...

wow angel that looks cool and some day I will try it with my mom right now we cant because of a situation!