Thursday, February 28, 2008

Sunshine Bentos!!!

Two beautiful sunshine Bento's.

So this winter has been one of the worst I've ever seen. There has been layers of snow week after week. It's enough to drive a native California girl crazy. This week the sunshine finally came out and melted some of the snow. I was so happy today I walked out to the mail box three times just to enjoy it. These bento's are to celebrate and hopefully welcome more sunshine here.
They also are an issue of pride since it is my very first time trying to make my own Tamagoyaki.

The pink one is my new afternoon tea bento set, and the green one is for David in a very masculine hello kitty bento.
Each bento is made up of a sun and a flower, or I guess it could be interpreted as two suns. Whichever makes you personally smile more.

There is a flower center made of sweet peaches, and the leaves are sliced buttered toast. (I like having toast with my eggs.) The sun is made from sliced Tamagoyaki roll that was seasoned with garlic, salt, onion powder, and parsley.
I actually used something between the cheater's method found from my idol Biggie on her Shortcut Tamagoyaki tutorial
and the traditional folding method.

I did try to do it the traditional way of making a folded omelet but as you can see it was a bit lopsided and not very pretty.
That is when I stepped in with biggie's method to make it more attractive and hold together well.
I put it on some saran wrap on my bamboo mat, and then used the bamboo mat to roll it into a nice long cylindar shape.

Behold the beauty of the omelet now!!
Then i sliced it into cute pieces. I like how mine looked since it still showed the folds, but i like the cheater method to help it along. Since I'm not good at making normal omelets much less making a rolled one look right.

Tada!! Two lovely breakfast sunshine bento's packed up and ready to go.
We had Peach Mango juice with each of ours.


SweetDesigns said...

awe, such cute sunshine !!! That is enough to brighten anyones day!! Make me one too!!! lol

SweetDesigns said...

ohh and make some muffins or bread with them there ripe banana's in the back ground :P

Cakelaw said...

These are very cute - enough to make the sun come out in themselves.

Biggie @ Lunch in a Box said...

Hey, I really like your way of making tamagoyaki -- very ingenious! Way to go, Angel!

Joel said...

Wow, that's a brilliant way to get some lean protein in your lunch. I'll have to play around with that, as I grow weary of winter's soups and stews.

Angel said...

Kitten- Thank you it really seemed to brighten Davids day as much as mine.

Cakelaw- thank you for the compliment. They were very tasty.

Biggie- Thankyou, you are the one who showed me how. Thank you for your awesome tutorial with pictures.

joel- I don't think i ever get tired of soups and stews, but definitely tasty protein.