Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Heart for my Valentine

A Heart for my Valentine
Heart shaped Raspberry Lemon Tarts

This month we have a fantastic affair being hosted by 1x umrühren bitte
Where we can make anything for it, anything but it needs to be a heart. It is to help give us inspiration for our valentines, and also to celebrate this month set aside to pay ode to Love. You can see the rest of the awesome entries at the roundup Here.
I decided that I adored the lemon meringue recipe that we used four our January challenge that I wanted to make it again but this time with my own twists.

First I made the tart shells using the dough recipe. I bought this really adorable heart shaped pan that does six at a time. I managed to get the dough recipe to make 12 tarts. If I do it again I'm definitely going to double the recipe and make 24, and I'm going to make the shells a day ahead that way it won't be such a long marathon in the kitchen.

Once I had all the shells baked and cooling I made the custard. The secret to getting the custard to set up right was stirring forever and ever.... and ever... and ever ....and ever.
It takes a lot of arm muscles and you have to cook it long enough, if you don't you end up with soup like many other beloved daring bakers had on their pies. To make the custard I put a quarter of my raspberries mushed and mixed in with the egg mixture and a quarter in with my lemon juice. I put the berries in the cup and then poured the lemon juice on top to the right amount. I also added the vanilla and lemon zest in with the lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of marionberry jam. I mushed the berries in both mixes and whisked the egg berry mix pretty good.

The custard was a wonderfully thick delicious berry flavor with the lemon not being to intense (i used a bottle of lemon juice so it wouldn't be so tart vs fresh lemons) The filling was soooooo delicious that I licked the whisks, and the spoons, and the scraper all clean.
Then I made the meringue after adding the sugar I added just two drops of red food coloring so it would turn a pretty shade of pink. The meringue was soo cute on top.
I got out my pastry bag and piped the meringue onto the tarts making little heart swirlys.
Baked it at at 350 for a little longer then the recipe asks for since i wanted them to be a little more evenly baked. Then put them in the fridge to cool.

Then added the raspberries as a finishing touch!! Tada!!!
They look so cute. I have never made such a cute dessert before. I was so excited to take them to my friends house for our Dungeons and Dragons session and see what they think.

Oh little tart you are so Adorable I could just eat you up!!!

Teehee oh and we did.
They were a huge hit with the D&D crew. Everyone thought they were cute, and loved the flavor. They kept asking for seconds; so definitely a big hit.

I love how it looks with the dark pink custard and the light pink meringue. Definitely both turned out in pretty colors.

If you want this recipe for your own definitely check out my previous Daring Baker post for Lemon Meringue Pie. I would definitely recommend the recipe, and my friend wycked and I both found it an easy recipe to modify to make your own flavors of pie.


SweetDesigns said...

OMG sooo cute sooo very cute I am so very proud of you they look Wonderful!!!!

kn said...

Ooh, love the heart-shape! They look so tasty, too. The design turned out beautiful!

Angel said...

Sweetdesigns- Thankyou kitty, it was you blackberry lemon meringue that inspired me to try it.

Kn- Thank you I think the hearts are cute too. Now I don't feel so bad about buying the pan. lol

zorra said...

Really adorable! Can I call you Miss Popeye? ;-)

Amanda at Little Foodies said...

I'm all over heart shaped things. That and stars. I love them Angel, absolutely beautiful. Your lucky, lucky friends.

Angel said...

Zorra- lol i don't mind being olive oil.

Amanda- thank you i love hearths and stars too. They are so cute and fun. I'm blessed to have some really great friends.

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Angela...these are absolutely scrumptious looking & are enticing me (wickedly) to try them. You won't believe it but I also have a six heart tray that I didn't know what to do with. I saw these & knew this has gotta be it! Will have to do it with strawberries coz that's all we get here!! Thanks for the walk through too!! YUM YUM YUM!!

enza said...

same six heart pan and two cute recipe!!!
thanks a lot angela.
maybe i can try to translate my recipe in english, just having three children a work as doctor and not enough time but maybe for round up it can be useful.
there just something i didn't understand about custard.
u made custard using egg and rasperry mashed and mix toghether and...anthing else?
i mean, milk, sugar, cooking on flame...

Glenna said...

They're beautiful! I love the heart shapes and the raspberry garnishes.

Angel said...

Enza- I followed the custard recipe below this entry that was for the lemon meringue pie. I just added the raspberries to the recipe. I highly recommend it!

Glenna- Thank you, They were definitely fun to make.

enza said...

i've translated my recipe for round-up and i will very glad if you visit me just to verify if my english is not so bad!
as u know italian people are not so confident with foreign languages but i did my best so if u can adjust something wrong i'll be grateful.
oh, beautiful blog!!!!

enza said...

angel, if u'd like some other translations please ask me.
i'll be glad to give u and the others abroad friends some other recipes.
Even if there will be a lot of mistakes eheheh :)

Arfi Binsted said...

love, love, love. it's just wonderful to celebrate this event with foodie people: will be baked or cooked in the name of love!! cute tart!

isabella said...

Wanderful! I must try it soon!
Thank you for visiting my blog

Lien said...

You're beautiful tartletts are very impressive. They really invite to take a bite.. delicious!!
Always handy went you have a boyfriend who speaks Dutch!! (you're not the first one to miss the fact that it's also in english, although it's the first sentence in the posting... maybe I need to think about it to change that somehow. Thanks for stopping by!)

Angel said...

Arfi Binsted- Thanks, I agree it makes baking so much more fun having a group of like minded ones to share it with.

isabella- thank you for the wonderful comment. I loved your blog.

Lien- Yes its so great having a boyfriend who speaks dutch, he was there for two years and people thought he was native. Apparently he's pretty good at speaking it. I look forward to seeing more of your recipes.

Aamena said...

they are sooo beautiful!!!

Cakelaw said...

These are the cutest itty bitty heart shaped tarts ever!

robin said...

These are so adorable!! I loove them!

campo di fragole said...

Wow! i never made meringue but your looks wonderful and i suspect that taste even better! Besos