Thursday, February 21, 2008

A New Chapter- Bentos

So you are probably wondering where the heck all my bento's have gone.
Yes I mean Angel the site is even called "Angel's Bento Blog" accent on the bento blog part.
All we see anymore is baking stuff and romantic dinners, i mean come on already where are the bentos?
I know I know...
Well the truth is since I've gotten me a handsome honey pie I've been going out for most of my lunches so that we can see eachother during the day.
I love getting to see him especially since he often gets off work later.
So there hasn't been much opportunity for bento making my friends.
Today though as I surfed through all my bento buddies pages I found my self feeling a strong sense of homesickness to make a bento. Looking at all the cute ideas, and recipes, and bento boxes... oh how I yearned to make bentos again. At the same time I am not willing to give up my fun lunch times with my sweetheart.
What oh what is a poor girl to do?
That is when I received inspiration from our friend at Lunch Bucket Bento
Who on a regular bases makes breakfast bentos. I'm often hungry in the mornings, and can't wait until lunch. I often don't have time for breakfast and just run out the door.
*light bulb comes on*
duh I can start making breakfast bentos for myself. So fokes that is the plan.
Something as I was reading that she brought up really resonated with me.
She talked about how bento making isn't as hard or as expensive as many people think it is at first sight. I can attest to this since majority of my bentos are from the dollar store, or were actually containers I washed out from side salads or to go boxes from restaurants. (Wendy's side salad container is awesome, and Applebees has great to go containers.)
Anyways read her thoughts on it here
and dispel some of the myths you might have about bento fun.

This is the cute and simple breakfast bento I made for David to take with him to work tomorrow.
He often stops at a gas station and gets sugary donuts and crap food that will probably kill him someday. =P
So here is a healthy bento breakfast made with lots and lots of love for my honey bunny!
It is a cherry bagel with peanut butter and honey spread in it. Also a banana (his favorite fruit) where I put honey with plastic wrap on the end to keep it from browning.
(i saw this on the site too, and thought I would try it)
Mine is the same, except I'm having cream cheese on my bagel.

Here it is all packed up with a bottle of white cranberry juice to wash it down and a folded up napkin to wipe away any sticky honey he might get on his fingers or face.
LOL aren't I a thoughtful girlfriend.
Hopefully the nightmare before Christmas bag will be manly and goth enough to make up for the fact that the breakfast is in a Hello Kitty box.
He's secure in his masculinity right?... no really. ... guys... hey guys........


SweetDesigns said...

your awesome! and soo loving..damn must I attempt for wes??? hmm LOL

Angel said...

LOL if you think wes would appreciate it. Otherwise if not you should just make them for yourself.

carmachu said...

huzzah for the sweetypie.....I'm still waiting btw!

Angel said...

What you waiting for? NE?

Anonymous said...

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carmachu said...

I'm waiting. You said I could grill him like a good uncle and you havent let me yet....!

campo di fragole said...

Ciao! I never heard about bento before! It's a great idea and I am sure your David really appreciate it!