Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Beary Cute Bento

So my second day of breakfast bentos. Since David works tomorrow, but I don't I've made him a little breakfast to take with him on the road.
Here we have bear shaped waffles with rainbow sprinkles and a little container of 100% maple syrup to dip them in.
The second tier is sliced up banana and a little chocolate treat.
He loves his sweets so this should definitely wet his appetite.
I partially added the sprinkles just to add some fun colors. The bento seemed too yellow to me.
Also he is always telling me that when he was in the netherlands they ate sprinkles all the time on any breakfast. Especially toast apparently. *shrug* who knew dutch people liked sprinkles so much? Perhaps I was also meant to be dutch in my past life. I too have a love of sprinkles, I just prefer mine on ice cream... YUM!

Then we've got banana again. Yes you might have guessed it, but we have quite a few banana's that he bought because they are one of his favorites.
You might even say we have a "plethora" of banana's rofl.

And last but not least don't forget the little chocolate treat in the corner.
That my friends is not just any chocolate treat, but a genuine sees candy.
Breakfast Bento Two Complete!


SweetDesigns said...

Too cute Bento Princess!!! should make some mini banana muffins or something with that Plethora of yours =)!!

Angel said...

I should but lately too busy. I think i have some mini cupcakes i made awhile back in the freezer though.

Maryann said...

This is cute :)

enza said...

vute bears!
I didn't understand: have you made the waffel bears? if so you are great.
I'm still not a bento fan, I don't know exactly what bento are...but they look cute! So a friend of mine brings lunchbox at work and I'm thinking to give her one! So I'm going to search here in italy where buy them....I know, I'll become a bento addicted!
Just another question, have you received the email for daring bakers?

Angel said...

Maryann- Thank you, I am trying to up my cuteness factor for these bento's. I've been getting too lazy.

Enza- I didn't make the waffels they were frozen ones, that I cute with a bear cookie cutter. Bento's are a style of lunch box based out of japan. They are super fun, and yes very addicting. They sell some great ones on ebay, and online at
I should probably add more links of where people can buy them.