Sunday, December 2, 2007

Lunch & Dinner roundup

Dinner bento and lunch bento

On the left we the delicious work lunch time bento. Left over corn on the cob, purple juicy grapes, sauteed porkchop, and cottage cheese with cherry pie filling on top of it.

On our right we have the delicious twin "anime night" dinner bento. With left over corn cut off the cob, edamame, porkchop, grapes, and cottage cheese with cherry pie filling in my new hippo container. (ooh its so adorable i love it) also have my cute knew silver ware with the reindeers on them. Kawai!!

Close up pictures because i get carried away with the camera and just adore snapping pictures of my food.

I really like the cottage cheese with cherry pie flavoring. The cherry pie stuff adds a sweet and tart flavor that compliments the cottage cheese really well.

It all fits so perfectly in my little bento bag. Even has room for the bottle of mixed milk and eggnog. I find it too strong for me without some milk added.


carmachu said...

very nice. Although the picture of the bento bag is a big red X.....

Are red X's easy to carry around? Does it fit in your pocket?

Angel said...

That's weird, it's working in both of my work browsers. I wonder why the pict isn't working for you.

carmachu said...

Works now...thats a cute bag!

Happy Pie said...

nice ! :)