Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ok left is my dinner bento for Anime Night tonight, and right is my lunch bento for today.

I made mini cupcakes in my tiny cupcake pan and they are the perfect size for the bentos, and a cute little bite sized morsel.
On the left is some stir fried vegis, and on the right angel shaped potatos and some carrots both baked.

Also have some dried apricots for fruit, and some cottage cheese with shredded cheese on top. I was in the mood for a more salty taste.
The angel's and bears looked really cute.


SweetDesigns said...

You are just so very very creative!! I love it. and damn it if you don't inspire me..I need to hunt for a bento of my own..hmm...

Angel said...

Thankyou kitten. I think you are incredibly creative. You do such great presentation on yours.