Thursday, December 6, 2007

Work Treats

So for my work apparently there is a tradition that in December they have someone bring in a different treat every day leading up to when we have Christmas break. Today was my day to bring something in so I baked up some cupcakes. They are easy to eat, easy to clean up after and don't require any utensils.

The ones on the left were done in my new mini cupcake pan for bentos. They are so adorable and cute. My little sister would have adored them since she loves anything little or miniature.

The cupcakes are a spice cake recipe that has lots of cinnamon and nutmeg. The frostings were both prebought in cans. One vanilla white frosting with sprinkles, and the other is Butter Pecan Carmel Coconut frosting. I also put chocolate chips in the batter. So randomly you'd get a yummy bite of chocolate while eating them. They were a success I think. Out of the eighteen I made there were only two left when i left work today. Woot.


SweetDesigns said...


carmachu said...

Looks great!

So where's mine? :D

Angel said...

Yeah they were really tasty.
Yours is sitting on my table going stale uncle Car. When are you going to come eat it =P

Expendable said...

Mmm, cuppiecakes, always just the right size =^_^=