Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Dinner Pasta Bento

This week has been an emotional one. I found out my great aunt Mary passed away. Then I found out another friend of mine has been sentenced to 2nd degree murder, and today I found out that my family companies plane crashed killing the pilot and two of our co-owners. The tragedy of it hits me so hard. I will post more later after I've calmed down and organized my thoughts. On top of all that had a friend call me crying because she is in a bad situation, and my older sister let me know she is pregnant again. The last one at least was some good news to go with all the bad.

Here is my dinner bento for tonight.

bottom layer is garlic sourdough bread, some marshmallows and a strawberry candy.

the bottom layer is some alfredo sea shell pasta. I added cut up sausage, and some frozen vegis to it. I also added generous amounts of oregano and parsley while cooking and a pinch of black pepper. I really like black pepper and eat it on anything that is not a dessert.


SweetDesigns said...

MMM you should make me dinner some time, and hehe I will have to find you a dessert recipe that uses black pepper ;) you would be shocked at how well it can be that way =)

Angel said...

I would love to. I am willing to try almost anything once so a pepper dessert would be feasible.