Thursday, August 25, 2011

Brand New Toy! Eeeeeeeeh!

Yes my very own Oster Fryer!
I love making special home made fried foods but always made do with just doing it in a pot on the stove. My problem is my stove has uneven heat. So the first time i made jalapeno poppers half were burned. Then i tried making onion blossoms and it wouldn't get hot enough and they ended up mushy.
Oh but those days are behind now cause I got a fryer woot!

Here you can see it nice and shiny just out of the box.
It was very easy to assemble and hook up. The direction were clear and concise with a few good recipes included.

I decided to break it in making one of the dishes my hubby loves but I rarely make. Which is Eggplant Parmisan. I'll post the how to on it later.

As to the fryer it worked beautifully. It's a 3 Liter capacity. The basket in it is big enough I could put several slices in at once without them touching. I'm looking forward to making some more stuffed Jalapeno poppers and scones.
So far this baby has worked beautifully and I would definitely recommend it.

I got mine at Target, but also saw them available at walmart.

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Amber Kei said...

That's so fun! We just got one of those too (got it for Ben's birthday) and it's AWESOME!! We love trying new things in it. Glad you're loving yours!