Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday to me! ....um belated lol

As you can see I've had many posts saved up over the summer and never got the time to post them. Now that Autumn is on its way things have slowed down a bit and I can catch up.

So my birthday was actually August 30th. For my birthday my awesome sister got me this Gothic birthday cake. Both me and my husband love Gothic things that are reminiscent of Victorian or "Interview with the Vampire"
So it was hilarious and gorgeous to see this come out of the box.

Done in a wonderful whipped frosting since I tend to find butter cream a little to thick and heavy for my taste.

One last lovely picture of the beauty. I loved the art on it so much I almost wanted to cringe cutting into it. Glad we did though cause the cake was delicious!


SweetDesigns said...

hehe Goth Birthday FTW!! awesome!

Angel said...

It was a nice birthday!