Saturday, August 1, 2009

DInner rolls and Roast Beast!

I have this cute cousin staying with me for the summer.

She was very excited to learn some things in the kitchen. She loved getting to wear my spare apron and even did much of the measuring, and mixing herself. She requested to learn to bake some kind of bread and make a nice dinner for my husband for when he gets home from work as.

So this materialized into our wonderful plan to make home made dinner rolls from scratch. She learned how to double a recipe, and knead dough properly.
Her favorite part was kneading the dough because she loved the feel of the flour on her hands.
(definitely related to me in that aspect!)

The rolls turned out fantastic and the family gobbled them all up within minutes.
There was definitely no leftovers.
Served with tasty rolls was roast beast (called that ever since we saw the grinch)
Steamed asparagus lightly oiled and salted, and some mashed potatoes with home made gravy. Don't forget the glass bottled mexican coke with cane sugar numnumnum.
A feast fit for our king aka The Hubby!

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