Friday, May 8, 2009

Fun with crafts again!

Lately I haven't been posting as much. This is do largely to me being in a more crafting and sewing mood then baking. So you might see a mix of posts.

My first experiment was in making fleece hats. I found that fleece has this wonderful affect of hypnotizing whoever is near it to touch it. It's so soft and fluffy and warm people just can't resist. Yes not even I made my will save vs the fleece.

The first experiment was this cute flop eared bunny hat which is for a young cousin of mine.

I used white buttons for eyes and sewed on a scrap of black for the nose using a zig zag stitch around it. The mouth is dotted on with permanent black marker and then gone over with zig zab stitches in black to darken it a little. Also this hat has little ear flaps to keep her ears toasty warm on cold days. I hope she gives the bunny hat a cute name!

While working on the bunny hat my younger sis made herself an awesome Dino hat with spikes. I designed it but she did all the cutting and sewing herself! It looked so cute on her she didn't take it off almost the entire time she visited. She even wore it to the zoo where many young boys were very jealous.

Then we combined our powers of "awesome" to create this hat four our mom. I designed it and sewed the basic hat, the side roughs and the eye. She cut out the pieces and sewed the ears and the white rim. The eye is colored with permanent markers in various colors on white fleece. I zig zagged black around the white eye to put it on the hat and darkened the ring with black marker.

With these plethora of cute hats coming about the hubby wanted one of his own in his Goth style.
So I made this warm and much larger black goth hat for him. The patch is a leather patch with embroidered skull design on it that I found at walmart in their craft section. He wears it to work now when it's cold since he has an outside job, and it keeps his head and ears very warm he tells me.


Emily said...

These hats are so cute! Did you have a template for them or did you just freehand the hats?

Angel said...

I used a template provided by this fantastic hatter on deviantart

that's the link to the tutorial. I hand drew the ears myself on cheap poster board to make my own pattern and used hers for the basic hat, although i did make the triangle parts a bit smaller and bigger. My husband has a huge head, and the kids have little tiny ones.