Monday, April 13, 2009

Fun with crafts

So around Christmas time I got into a craft mood, and haven't come out of it yet.
My mom showed me how to make cute bento bags using placemats bought at walmart and target. The first one I made for my husband as a gift. I hand embroidered his name into it and made a tassel for decoration.

I like the size of these bags they are a little bit bigger then normal bento bags so I can fit a drink and a cup of yogurt or pudding in beside or on top of the bento.

Then I made this for my best friend Kitten.
She is the mistress of all lol, so I made her an appropriate bento bag.

The designs on this one I put on using fabric puff paint in black. These are often very cheap and you can get them at walmart for around 65 cents.
I've been working on more recent craft projects but without my camera I'm going to have to take pictures using hubby's phone. Hopefully should have another update soon.


Amber Kei said...

Very cute, Angel. That shows a lot of love with how much time you put into his meals! He's so lucky!

SweetDesigns said...

teehee!! My bag!!!! <3 it!!!

Angel said...

Thanks guys! I did love making them, and I think its a fun way to show him that i care.