Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Breakfast Bento quick and easy

So to try and get back into my bento making I made a cute and easy breakfast bento for my hubby to take with him to work.
I made it the night before and then put it in the fridge over night. He just grabs it in the morning on his way out to work.

There are two boiled eggs. He loves boiled eggs, and they are a great bento item since they are good cold or room temperature, and are a great source of protein.
There are some Parmeson Basil crackers for him to eat with the eggs, some rice pudding with extra cinnamon and white chocolate chips melted into it. Then some strawberry fruit snack yogurt bites. They are tasty and have vitamin C, A, D and calcium in them.

Here it is all closed up and ready to go. This box I got at the local dollar store. It latches on all four sides making it spill proof and very durable. They had round ones as well at the dollar store in green or blue. I got the green ones since that is my favorite color. I also put a little thing of welshes juice in the bento bag so he had something to drink.

Reaction: David absolutely loved it. He said that the rice pudding was exceptionally tasty, and that he saved the fruit snacks for later and had them as a mid morning snack.


SweetDesigns said...

I really need to learn from you ;) one day I will pack such cute yummy things!! Maybe using what you sent me haha

Lunch Buckets said...

This is the box I use for the boy. At least I used to use it for him - before I stopped packing lunch for the little brat! Anyway - I found that the little clicky side things (techinical I know) eventually stop clicking and need a belt to hold the lid in place. But for a buck? Wooohooo!

Natural Care said...

I think this breakfast is healthy and want to make it but i can't understand Bento items properly so it will be good if you clear it to me.Thnks.

Divya said...

How cute! Of course your husband loved it. That looks so lovely and complete.

First time on your blog, nice work

carmachu said...

He;s one lucky man to have you make him his meals!