Thursday, May 15, 2008

A Worldly Epicurean's Delight - Mexican Dipping Feast

Yes my friends a fabulous event to explore culinary tastes and adventures from around the world. This time the beautiful and talented DK at Culinary Bizaar
brought us a tasty piece of Mexico. The only thing I regret is it required making everything Vegetarian. Though I love vegetables I'm very much not a Vegetarian and prefer most of my food with a little meat in it. Still nonetheless I managed to create something fun and tasty.
You can check out the event here.

So you are probably wondering what tasty fun. Can you guess just with this picture of some ingredients? No?

How about now?
okay enough playing around you've probably figured it out already.
I decided to make some layered bean dip, homemade guacamole, and fresh salsa.
All topped off with some home made chips; frying provided by my sweet heart.

the bottom layer for the dip is a mix of pinto refried beans and black refried beans. Oh yes two kinds my friends mwhahahahahahah!
Then a layer of chopped mushrooms, and olives.
There is a quarter of it with no mushrooms or olives because my friend Elwin can't stand them and is picky and I tried to please him even if it totally goes against the grain to leave them out.
Then it is guacamole layer time.
I took some perfectly ripe avacodo's and mashed them up in a bowl.

OOh i could eat them just like that. I love avocado!!!

Then I mixed in some salt, pepper, fresh squeezed lime, and sour cream.
Super creamy yummy!
The salsa was my moms recipe minus the jalapeno peppers.
Yes I made an abomination. Salsa with no peppers. I don't like peppers and I really don't like spicy. So whats in it you ask?
4 fresh vine ripened organic tomatos (to die for)
handful of cilantro
Four cloves of garlic chopped finely
half an onion
salt and pepper
some paprika (i added this)
quarter of a lime with the peel removed

I then put all these ingredients into this cool salsa grinder thingy that my mom gave me.
Turn the crank vigorously and it chops all the ingredients together.

The bean dip was topped off with two kinds of mexican cheeses.
Cotija which I liked the most. It had a stronger flavor and reminded me of mozzarella
and Ranchero which was more flaky and reminded me of parmesan.
Put the thing in the oven to get it warm and gooey. Scoop on plate, add home made chips and Walla you've got mexican dipping feast.

~Isn't it perdiful~

We brought everything over on Friday for our anime night. Much feasting joking was had by all.


SweetDesigns said...

YUM!! and damn it all looks fantastic!! I want some ;) Glad you got it up in time huN!!

Siri said...

Wow.. the mexican feast looks delish angel..:)


D said...

bean dip, guacamole and fresh salsa with home made chips - thats a feast to every sore eye..:) Thanks for such a great entry Angel. See ya at the roundup later today!


enza said...

guacamole! guacamole for meeeee...
I don't know what refried beans are...:(

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