Monday, April 21, 2008

Little Wonders- Blogging for Babes Challenge

So this month is the March for Babies which is all about the littlest among us, the event is for little creations. Holly at is not only holding this fantastic blog event to spread the word but is also going to be in the march. Check out and donate if you can, learn more here, and most of all spread the word! Also visit our roundup where you can see everyones Awesome creations and vote on your favorite Here (please vote for me)!!

So here is the only requirement. Make something (or many somethings) in miniature or small sizes, and man did I have fun with that.
As any bento loving woman or girl out there we have a fondness for cutesy things and small things so this event was a no brainer.
I present cute miniature single serving strawberry layered star and heart cakes!!!
These babies are adorable enough to win the grinch over, tasty enough to grab the most stalwart stick in the mud, and easy enough that your kid sister could probably do them.

For these cakes I used Dories perfect party cake recipe from the last daring bakers challenge. This time though I used almond extract instead of the lemon, and chopped up a half cup of white chocolate chips really finely which I added to the batter.
Found box full of cute individual sized star shaped foil pans (actually on the box says they are for jello jigglers) that worked perfect for the star cakes. The best part was they were easy to pull off and are only a freaking BUCK!!! I mean seriously super cheap.
The hearts were from a heart pan that I bought around valentines day.
For the heart ones I layered the bottom of the pans with some raw oats, and then poured in the batter. Then topped them with a sprinkling of oats. We've been eating those with no frosting as a breakfast treat for the last few days. They are just the right amount of sweetness.

The stars I sliced each in half putting whipped cream and fresh sliced strawberries as a filling. Re-assembled them and frosted with more whipped topping! YUM ! topped with some strawberries. These babies I brought to our weekly anime night where friends happily engorged on them.

Heart and stars XOXOXOXO hug, kisses, and lots of love!


PheMom said...

Thanks again for participating! Those are some darling baby cakes. I especially like the star. It looks whimsical with the strawberries like a little starfish.

SweetDesigns said...

YUM!! those look wonderful..perfect little ones!!

Sunshinemom said...

Perfect kiddie treats!